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Sports Injury Solutions Free Fact Sheets for common sports injury and conditions such as headache, shin splints, severs disease and jumpers knee.
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Sports Injury Solutions providing free information of common sports injuries; shin splits, knee pain. Myotherapy Clinic in South Melbourne

Myotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction. In simple terms, a Myotherapist is trained to specialise in the treatment of soft tissue (e,g, muscles). Myotherapy Solutions have been managing soft tissue issues for the people and sports clubs of South Melbourne and surrounding areas since 2005.

Myotherapy Solutions Clinic treating sports injury in South Melbourne

Myotherapy Solutions
Myotherapy Solutions is located at 429 Clarendon St, South Melbourne, Ph) 9686 7366. We specialise in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. Myotherapy Solutions' services are not limited to athletes, we provide effective injury treatment for a range of clients, including musicians & corporates. Myotherapy Solutions has featured on a global health series; 'Mind, Body & Soul TV'. Watch the Myotherapy segment

Myotherapy Solutions Corporate Myotherapy service. Massage at work, corporate massage, corporate pilates for Melbourne

Corporate Myotherapy
Corporate Massage is available from Balanced Bodies who also offer pilates, yoga, dance and fitness training sessions. The Myotherapy Solutions practitioners are utilised by Balanced Bodies, and will visit your workplace and give you a chair massage (seated massage), neck and shoulder massage, headache treatment and more. Massage at work is becoming a popular way to relieve stress and boost morale. Our corporate massage service is currently available for Melbourne businesses. Sessions are available by the hour, day or week or in blocks.

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